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What is a lead?

Marketing = Lead
Customer = Sale

When you search on Google for ‘What is a lead?’, over 1.6 billion results are returned. That is quite a number. But don’t panic – with more than 17 years in the digital automotive industry, Modix can help you understand the difference between a ‘lead’ and a ‘customer’. This is important because both leads and customers play the same important role in your overall digital strategy. With carefully executed marketing activities, you can attract a high volume of quality leads and customers.

So what is a "lead"?  What is a "customer" and why is this important to understand?

A lead is the first touchpoint between a dealership and a potential customer. It is a piece of information (data) that a customer has provided which enables a dealership to take action with a follow-up email or phone-call. A lead is a direct result of a marketing activity such as an online banner, paid search advertisement, newsletter, event or mailing. 

A potential customer is a identifiable person who created a connection with your business through a lead as a result of a marketing activity. Because there is piece of data associated with this person, your Sales Team can now directly respond and provide services.

A customer is a person who receives your products or services and has already established contact with the dealership.

Leads that identify a potential customer for the business are the first step in the sales process.

Therefore, the business goal is to obtain the information that enables a follow-up action from as many people as possible:

Marketing > Leads  |  Customers > Sales

How to generate more leads?

88% of potential car buyers start the purchase by researching for their next vehicle online*. This means that your digital presence is more important than ever when it comes to enabling people to connect with your dealership. The more people you attract to your website(s), the more leads you can potentially generate.

Paid search advertisements, online banners, email campaigns and an industry-leading website are key marketing activities that can enable potential car buyers to supply leads for your dealership. These Digital Marketing activities are some of the most efficient and effective ways to generate more leads for your business:


Marketing and Sales working hand in hand = More Leads > More Customers

Generating leads and then making sure those leads become customers is a result of collaboration between the Sales and Marketing Teams.

The Marketing Team is responsible for executing on the activities that give potential car-buyers the opportunity to connect with the dealership. This could be an online banner or a campaign email that a potential car buyer can click on and enter their information.

The Sales Team now has the data necessary to identify a person and the inventory or service they’re interested in. This enables a follow-up action which turns a lead into a customer. This follow-up action brings the customer into the dealership where the purchase process can continue and result in a sale. Success!

Today, your digital marketing strategy is more important than ever when it comes to attracting high quality leads which are the first step in the vehicle sales process.


Partner with Modix to generate highly qualified leads:

The Modix AdBox Advertising Platform automatically generates advertisements based on your current inventory, connecting potential buyers with the dealership at the exact time they are searching online. Creating high quality advertisements based on the dealership’s current inventory results in quality traffic and a low cost-per-click.


*Cox Automotive through IGH Automotive Study