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Switch from HTTP to HTTPS

October 2017: Google Chrome Update

Once again, Google launches an initiative to make the web more secure. In the long run, all websites that use the classic HTTP protocol will be marked as not secure.

With the rollout of Chrome 62 in October 2017, all websites that do not have a SSL certificate will be flagged with the warning not secure".

What does this mean for you and your website?
Google, the maker of Chrome - the worlds #1 web browser - is on a mission to eliminate non-secure web browsing. The emphasis is on the switch to SSL and other web browsers are following Google Chrome’s lead. With the Google Chrome update, Chrome users that type anything on a HTTP site will see an error message in the address bar.

What is HTTP?
HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a transfer procedure for data between computers. It is used to show web pages in the browser and establishes a connection by default without encryption.Disadvantages: In a shared WLAN, attackers can intercept data traffic and so spot web usage and read out the data entered by the user. The HTTPS protocol is used to establish an encrypted connection. This stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.  

Why switch?
Security warning messages will deter users from submitting a lead on your website. To keep the digital consumer journey rolling and prevent losing potential buyers, make sure that your website is secured with an SSL certificate. You will create trust to your online visitors and positively influence your SEO results.

Example for the treatment of HTTP for Google Chrome
Warnhinweis google

 Warnhinweis google klein

What are the next steps?
The popularity of HTTPS transmission protocol (which is based on an SSL certificate) will grow quickly – we recommend the switch to HTTPS. In most cases the purchase, installation and maintenance of an SSL certificate is a complicated and expensive process. We at Modix make it quick and easy for you to get the security you need. We ensure that your website visitors continue to have a great user experience for a low monthly fee. 

Here a summary of the most important facts:

Why switch from HTTP to HTTPS?
- Undisturbed website performance
- Increase trust with your website
- HTTPS sites have a faster loading time than HTTP
- Google evaluates the migration from HTTP to HTTPS like a domain move
- HTTPS can improve your ranking in the search results
- No referral traffic loss and reliable data
- Additional data protection
- No complicated software installation necessary


The user behavior is changing, and the trend is clear: More and more users value secure websites.
As a website owner you carry the responsibility. Convert your website (if you use HTTP) to a secured connection with HTTPS.

Make your website ready for the future and switch from HTTP to HTTPS with a SSL certificate from Modix.

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