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Summer tires

The time is now – Launch your Google AdWords campaign

As you all know, selling car tires is a very seasonal business. The same applies online: Between March and May, the number of search requests for “summer tires” on Google increases by as much as 100%. If you look at user behavior more carefully, you’ll notice that March and April are the best months for selling summer tires, while the number of searches already starts to fall by May. Anything still not sold by June will stay on the shelves for the rest of the season.


Search engine advertising for dealerships

The sharp increase in search requests makes Google AdWords for dealerships the ideal channel for advertising your own summer tire offers. Your adverts can appear in text or image form on the results page or other websites (Google display network). The main advantage of search engine advertising (SEA) is that it combines your advert with a specific search request in the dealership’s catchment area.

Competing adverts: Quality is key

Even when you’re advertising online, space is limited. Normally there are more advertisers than there are free spaces and relevant key words. On Google, for instance, there is only space for three adverts above the search results for a particular term. In terms of statistics, 52.3% of clicks in Germany use the first result listed in organic search results.


The ideal AdWords campaign for summer tires

The ideal AdWords campaign responds to a user’s search request with a suitable advert. To make sure your AdWords campaign is a complete success, we have put together the 300 most important key words related to summer tires for our special Google “key words package”. Get started by contacting your Modix customer advisor by e-mail at or by telephone at +49 261 200 693 410.