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Why responsive websites are a must-have for car dealers.

Your customers are online 24/7: on their PCs during the day, on their smartphones while they’re out and aboutand on their tablets while they’re lounging on the sofa. Is your website optimized for mobile devices? Find out everything you need to know about responsive website design and how you can use it to improve the performance of your dealership website.

In the field of website creation, responsive design is one of the most important developments of recent years. Even though the term has been somewhat over-used since 2010, the concept is not all talk with no action. Over 40% of all people who visit dealership websites and vehicle portals are surfing on their smartphones or tablets. Responsive web design, an approach which can detect the device in question and adapt the user navigation and display accordingly, is the only way to make sure your website appears at its best on any device and can be used with various input methods (touchscreen, mouse).


Responsive design saves money

The term “responsive design” or “web design” describes a method in which websites change their display according to the device being used. The aim is to adapt the website so that it is displayed clearly and is easy to use for each and every user. A few years ago you only needed one website suited to desktop devices and one for mobile devices. In light of the growing range of smartphones and tablets, as well as screen sizes and resolutions, this is now no longer possible. Though this is a good thing, as responsive design means that you no longer need various different versions of your website. Over the long term, this saves time and money, despite the fact that responsive websites can be expensive to create to begin with.


 A growing array of devices leaves you with no other choice

Due to the wider range of smartphones and tablets currently on offer and an almost never-ending assortment of resolutions and browsers, it now makes very little sense to use only “mobile-optimized” websites. Responsive design is the only sensible alternative to ensure the best possible presence on all devices.


Your website – An important part of the digital customer journey

Responsive websites are an absolute must-have for dealerships and manufacturers. After all, a potential buyer’s digital journey is no longer limited to one device these days. Even the best website will remain useless if this is not taken into account, as shown by our internal analyses, for instance.                 

We have assessed over 5 million sessions since the start of 2015 and have come to the conclusion that as many as 40% of visitors to our websites are using mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. There is very little difference between the breakdown of mobile devices on dealership websites (24% smartphone, 17% tablet) and on manufacturers’ vehicle portals (21% smartphone, 22% tablet). However, the proportion of mobile devices and their growing relevance remained the same.


With a responsive website, you will always make a good impression regardless of the device, thus improving visit times, frequency and interaction! This means that you’ll not only attract more visitors to your digital showroom but to your dealership, too.