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Modix @ dmexco 2017

See You at the Modix booth hall 7/B 48

Digital Advertising – André Hoffend
• What is the Modix AdBox
• Automate campaigns with the Modix AdBox
• Outlook: Upcoming retargeting campaign

13.09. 10.00h – 10.30h I 13.30h – 14.00h
14.09. 11.00h – 11.30h

Best Practise Modix - OEM, Dealer, Agency – Georg Genfer
• Full Service by Modix concerning the Modix AdBox from technic interface and bid management
  up to complete setup
• Full Modix to fit into the Agency environment
• Best partner with Google international for teamworking on business development, studies and betas

13.09. 10.45h – 11.15h I 14.15h – 14.45h
14.09. 11.45h – 12.15h

Data Driven Solution – Erin Ramsay
• Introduction to the Modix Analytics Product
• How to use Web Analytics to understand digital performance
• Using big data and machine learning to better understand the consumer interactions that lead to vehicle sales

13.09. 11.30h – 12.00h I 15.00h – 15.30h
14.09. 12.30h – 13.00h

Consumer Journey Trends – David Parker
• Digital retailing for vehicles and parts – moving more of the transaction and consumer journey online.
• What we can learn from the rapid evolution that is occurring in foreign markets that applies in Europe?

13.09. 12.15h – 12.45h I 15.45h – 16.15h
14.09. 13.30h – 14.00h

Download here the Modix Lounge programm.