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New Product Announcement!

Modix is excited to announce the launch of a new analytics tool that was built specifically for the automotive dealership. With sophisiticated tracking and intuitive dashboards, our clients can answer key business questions about market demand, adverstising performance and how the website contributes to the business.  

Some of the most interesting questions that can be answered with Modix Analytics include:

    • How many car-shoppers are coming to my website each month?
    • How much time are car-shoppers spending on my website?
    • What are car-shoppers doing on my website?
    • What percentage of my car-shoppers are using a mobile device?
    • What are the most popular models in my inventory?
    • Are paid campaigns bringing car-shoppers to my website?

We understand how important data is to our clients so this product was developed within the Modix platform at no additional cost. This means that our clients:

    • Receive analytics when they subscribe to a Modix website
    • Can access analytics within the Modix system
    • Data is de-identified and completely protected

Similar analytics platforms would require significant financial investment and custom development. But with the Modix Platform, automotive specific data about your business is available right at your fingertips.

We are committed to ensuring our clients get the most out of this product and will be providing analytics insights on this blog over the coming months. In the meantime, contact your Modix representative to take advantage of this new product and start optimizing your digital strategy today!