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Don’t leave anything to chance: it’s time to drive away your competition

With the unique Modix AdBox, you have an even quicker way to sell your vehicles. Automatically generated adverts are perfectly adapted to your target group and search request.

“Google, where are my customers?”
Whether you’re working online or offline, effective customer communication is important. To find the ideal approach, you need to ask yourself questions like: Who are my customers? What do my customers search for? How do I find my next car buyer or how do they find me? In the digital world in particular, it is essential to make sure your offers and services are easy to find.

You must have heard the phrase “I’ll Google* that quickly” before?
Around 94% of people use Google as their first source, 9 out of 10 potential buyers look for their next used car online. Your customers use Google, too, at all hours of the day.
*To Google – The verb was entered into dictionary in 2006.

Modix AdBox
Making your own effective advert normally costs a lot of time and money as it has to be set up manually by a professional who knows what they’re doing. Modix AdBox helps you to save both time and money! Applying users’ search requests as a basis, it creates adverts in a fully automatic process. As a result, your dealership is able to give potential car buyers exactly what they’re looking for.

So what can Modix AdBox do?
Generate leads for relevant search requests using specific adverts from your current vehicle stock. The Modix AdBox makes sure that your adverts are found – by precisely the users who are looking for them!

How does Modix AdBox work?
You define the budget, running time and radius for your campaign and the Modix AdBox will automatically extract the data from your current vehicle stock.

What’s so special about Modix AdBox?
Modix AdBox shows adverts from your current vehicle stock in real time. Thus to the high relvants of your adverts, you will receive more clicks, which means more website visitors and it will turn into more sales, all while keeping costs low.

What are the benefits for your dealership?
You will reach precisely the target group you’re looking for and, as a result, you will generate high quality leads through high relevant adverts.

How much does it cost?
With the Modix AdBox, you can keep an eye on your costs at all times and use our regular reports to see exactly how successful your campaigns are. You work with your advisor to set the budget.

Advantages of Modix AdBox:
•  No knowledge of Google AdWords required

•  Tried-and-tested, custom-made system for the automotive industry

•  High performance by placing specific vehicle adverts for search requests

•  High quality lead generation

•  Automatic 24/7 optimization of adverts

•  Cost transparency throughout regular reports

•  Support from certified Google experts

Are you ready for the fast lane and keen to find out more about the Modix AdBox? Simply give us a call or send us an email.