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Sascha Schafstall about Modix

Sascha Schafstall is responsible for the sales at the Schafstall dealership. The Kia dealer from Bergheim, Germany highly values the personal contact to his customers. But how do you reach prospectives and customers as a dealership nowadays?

The Schafstall dealership has recognized that the digital world is evolving at a fast pace. The interest of prospectives and customers must be sparked online to successfully continue the journey together. 

Mr. Schafstall visited the Modix Forum Digital in Düsseldorf. We had the chance to talk about our long-term collaboration as also current issues.

“We enjoy working together with Modix and value the personal contact.

As in any cooperative partnership, there were moments where I decided to look around for other service providers. But Modix succeeded to convince me, again and again that they are the right partner for our dealership.”

The continuous development and improvement of digital solutions and services is the focus for the Schafstall dealership and Modix.

You can find vehicles and services offered by the Schafstall dealership here.