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Customer testimonial

Jans Ahrens from MC Heinen, Germany

Jens Ahrens is the head of Marketing & Communication at the Motor Center Heinen dealership.  He successfully completed his training at the dealership. He continued to gather many years of experience as a car salesman up to the point when he discovered his passion for dealership marketing. Jens Ahrens is thus an expert in the automotive branch.

His thoughts on the Modix AdBox:

“For us, the Modix AdBox is the ideal instrument to advertise our vehicle stock. We don`t have to build separate landing pages for our offers. This is, for example, unavoidable in the new car business for advertising subsidies. The Modix AdBox saves us so much time and effort.
Our offers are always up to date thanks to the automatic update of ad texts.”

The Motor Center Heinen dealership looks back on 50 years of automotive expertise. Under the motto “service from person to person”, the family-run dealership sells the brands Honda, Suzuki, Kia as also used cars to five locations in the Ruhr Area. And digitally too, the dealership is in the fast lane. In 2016, the Motor Center Heinen dealership received the 8. ranking for its new responsive website and customer oriented functions at the nationwide Internet Sales Award.

Find out more about the Motor Center Heinen dealership on their Website.